Intelligent Addressable

Our Intelligent Addressable Systems offer benefits in terms of speed of detection, identification of the location of the fire, and easier maintenance. Intelligent systems also offer tolerance with regard to faults in system wiring — this allows a single pair of wires to be used to connect up to 200 devices to the system, enabling cost savings.


The Conventional Fire Alarm System provides the earliest practicable fire detection and warning. The system consists of detectors at designated locations, to detect smoke or heat at the earliest during a fire outbreak.


The Hybrid Fire Alarm System combines the capabilities of both Intelligent Addressable and Conventional Fire Alarm Systems.

Public Address Systems

Conventional Talk Back Systems

In a ‘Conventional Talk Back System’, the operator can select a particular zone or all zones (‘All Call’ mode) through a keypad. The operator can then announce a stage-wise evacuation message in ‘Press to Talk’ mode, and can also listen to occupants in ‘Listen’ mode.

Addressable Two Way Talkback System

In an ‘Addressable Talk Back System’, the occupant or fire brigade personnel can communicate to the ‘control command center’ through a handset telephone by plugging into the telephone jacks provided on all the floors. This enables the command center and the caller to communicate simultaneously.

Integrated Voice Evacuation System

An ‘Integrated Voice Evacuation Life Safety System’ is often a more effective, faster, and safer means of evacuating and/or communicating to occupants in the event of an emergency. It is designed as part of a distributed intelligence system and increases the chances of survival tremendously. In the system, an activated fire alarm signal from any precise location in the building is immediately notified to the ‘fire alarm panel’. When this occurs, local or customized voice evacuation messages will be announced automatically on the public address system as per the programming in the ‘fire alarm panel’.

We offer a range of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems such as sprinklers, hydrants, pre-action systems, kitchen hood systems, high and medium velocity mist systems, and tank foam systems to suit the unique fire protection needs of different structures.

In addition to fire detection and alarm systems, buildings that have dedicated server/rack rooms should have a minimum-level gas suppression system. We provide a range of gas suppression systems including CO2, NAF SIII, FM 200, and Inergen.

Firepro manages all your fire, security, and infrastructure solutions proactively in an end-to-end manner. Our highly-trained engineering teams are available round-the-clock to ensure that all systems are maintained efficiently and effectively. Our services include:

Managed Services — Operations & Maintenance Contract

A full-fledged team manages all your Fire Detection Systems, Evacuation Systems, and Fire Suppression Systems. Highly qualified and trained engineers will be deployed at your facility to monitor, maintain, and manage these systems. This frees up your manpower resources and ensures more efficient systems management. Breakdowns, if any, can be identified and resolved proactively. This, in turn, enables you to respond faster and more efficiently to emergencies and minimize losses to people and property.

Non-Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (NAMC) and Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC)

These are essentially ‘Services’ Contracts that vary based on your preferred service options. A team of trained engineers and technicians will visit your site and carry out Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS) — ideally done once in 3 months. This is a proactive service, meaning that they are planned in advance in coordination with you and a calendar of our visits is shared for site clearances, etc.

Value Added Services

These services include:

  • Basic Fire Safety Training
  • Basic First Aid and Evacuation Training and Drills
  • Fire Extinguisher Services — Supply, Refill, and Replacement of Fire Extinguishers