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Social Responsibility
Great progress and development is often the result as individuals and organizations pursue their objectives. Greater productivity, efficiency, wealth and opportunity are the results of human endeavour. But often, there is a price to pay for this progress. And the impact of this effort is usually borne by our ecology, our environment, our Earth. In the quest to deliver engineering excellence, safety and security to our stakeholders Firepro Systems acknowledges its commitment to the ecosystem that supports its efforts. We believe that Safe Futures is not merely a customer facing concept.

Safe Futures can be ensured by protective, secure systems. Powerful ideas that integrate our efforts with the safety of our world, for a safe civilization. Through proactive, participative and responsible actions - so that our collective futures can be truly safe.

Firepro Systems takes its social responsibility seriously and wishes to support initiatives that build support systems in the areas of safety education and training among students, and care and concern for the environment.

Firepro is committed to the encouragement of sports in local communities. Firepro supports talented young golfers from economically constrained backgrounds. The Firepro sports initiative has also extended to encouraging natural talent in cricket and hockey in rural areas.
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