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Chairman’s Message
Safe Futures
Our endeavour is to ensure that communities and businesses are pro-active to threats as opposed to being reactive.
As we complete the first decade of the 21st century, we are faced with some extremely dire questions on safety, environment and economics. Rapid changes in technology and relentless progress spurred by globalization have resulted in a world that is continually testing our instincts and fears. Threats lurk everywhere as we play witness to environmental hazards and hear of new and complicated health hazards. It is in times like this integrated safety systems are becoming the need of the hour.

Firepro is strongly developing the idea of 'Safe Futures', an ideal safety-proactive society, where all individuals, establishments and businesses have taken precaution against threats - current and probable. It is imperative that Safe Futures becomes an agenda you pursue in order to create a safer environment for your business and clients.
N S Narendra
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